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 I am so excited to launch!  As a working artist making product on a regular basis as well as running an active artist co-operative, finding the time to do all a website requires can be difficult.  However, a few sleepless nights and some trial and error later - here we are!

Our store front, located at 220 Main Street South in Southbury, Connecticut opened in October 2007.  We began our journey as a place where jewelry artists exclusively were featured, however, we have come to add a number of other types of work as the years went on.  We have not only survived, but actually thrived - despite the crazy economic conditions of the last eight years - by offering a quality, hand crafted product at incredibly reasonable prices.  We have always stood behind each and every item ever sold - and can proudly say that to date we have literally only seen a handful of items come back for repair!  Just yesterday, I was at my local hardware store (I love to shop local) and the lovely woman at the register had a necklace on she bought three years ago - and wears it almost every day!  The best part for me - it looked just as good today as the day she purchased it!  So many of today's trend jewelry items don't stand the test of time - before you know it, they have turned colors or broken from even light wear!  I know this as I seem to fix these items for people every month!  As we launch our online store, it is important to note, we expect you to not only be satisfied (love)  with your purchase, we expect it to be an item you or the person your give it to, to enjoy it for years to come. 

The hardest part of this online store for us will be - keeping on top of inventory.  Most of our items are one of a kind.  Once it is sold, often it cannot be replaced.  It is completely possible to sell something online, that at the same time is sold through the store.  For that reason, we will be as diligent as we can about checking our site a few times a day.  It is also for that reason if you see something you love - buy it before it is gone!  I see it every day - I have even see where someone is thinking of an item while walking around the store and they put the item down - only to have another shopper take it - and as they look to purchase it, it is gone!  I always hate that - as I never want to disappoint anyone!  Should there be an issue and someone buys an item that no longer exists - we will obviously credit back your credit card  - and apologize profusely!!!! 

Getting and keeping items on the site will be our biggest issue - we are going to work very hard to try and keep content fresh and as exciting as our store.  We just need to get this off the ground and get in the groove of everything first!  As an artist, I am not the most tech savvy - so this is really tough for me!! 

Finally, as an artist - I have begun to sell my work on a wholesale basis.  These designs are under the "Lu Designs" tab.  These designs are not available for sale unless the buyer has a tax ID# and is buying for a storefront of some sort.    That is why there is no price listed! 

Thank you for stopping by our site and visiting our first blog!  We hope to see you again.


Laura Brown



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