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Celeste Bellemare

Celeste is a fiber artist who spends her days creating beautiful textiles in her home studio.  Her hand painted silk scarves - begin as a while canvas, which is stretched out over a bamboo frame.  Celeste then plans her approach to each scarf - as each is layered with colors and techniques.  Brushed with inks, sprinkled with salt, twirled around in an open field - so many creative ways are used to mix and mingle colors - and then she may add a dash of personality of fabric markers.  Colors are set and the scarves are washed prior to being sold - all that is required is a light hand wash in cold water and hang up to dry.  Today, scarves are a wonderful accessory - in addition to numerous ways to wear them around your neck - they are being seen as head scarves, and pony tail holders, belts and as a fun accent tied onto your purse.

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