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Roman Glass

Discover the world of Roman Glass jewelry.  Each unique piece is hand crafted in Israel from shards of 2000 year old glass found during archaeological excavations in the Holy Land.  The Holy Land (Israel) became the glass making capital of the Roman Empire due to it's strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea.  Prior to this, only the affluent enjoyed glassware.  Once The Holy Land began producing glass, everyone could afford to have it.  As a history buff and lover of Biblical history, I like to imagine who may have touched these pieces of glass during Jesus's time.  The wonderous patina is created by being buried in the mineral rich soil.  This also makes it a bit fragile - contact with water can harm the patina - as water today is rife with chemicals and other minerals.  Wearing it in the shower, at the beach or in a hot tub is a no - no!   Each fragment of glass is a composite of the glass shards found, which coud have been an ancient goblet, wine jug or carafe, and is set in sterling silver.  A certificate of authenticity is provided for every purchase, making this a truly special gift! 



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